And so the Journey Starts…

Welcome to my first blog post.  Since being elected as a Borough Councillor for the residents of Evendons in Wokingham, I have thought about the best ways to communicate with residents.  The role of Borough Councillor is effectively a communication role, facilitating two-way communication between residents and the Council.  

Residents can contact me through various media: my email address and phone number are available on our Lib Dem group website, on the Council website, and published on newsletters that are posted through letterboxes several times a year.  As a group, we also canvass periodically having many conversations with residents.  Not everyone is home, but we do our best to reach out and engage.  I am also available to contact via Facebook, having a presence on many of the local pages.  I do not do Twitter though, and don’t intend to – it’s not my cup of tea.  

I also need to communicate back to residents the things I’m working on and what is happening at the Council.  Our newsletters are a good method of doing this and give residents a snap shot of what we’re doing.  We produce 4 or 5 a year and distribute to the whole ward which is just over 3,500 houses.  For many, a snap shot of what we’re working on is sufficient information, but for others, I wanted to find a method of communicating more frequently and more in depth.  And so I have set up this blog.  I say I, but the truth is I haven’t got a clue about the technical side of blogging, so special thanks goes to my Uncle who has built this for me.  I should also thank Ian Hydon, a local resident and wildlife photographer who has provided the wonderful picture of our woodland, Fox Hill.  And of course, thank you, the residents of Evendons ward for giving me this opportunity to be your representative.  

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